Customized Approach to Cannabis Marketing

Kind Ambassador is your destination for a full service marketing agency specifically geared towards cannabis businesses and products. Kind Ambassador provides support in design, marketing strategies, and brand recognition to help your company reach customers throughout the cannabis industry.

Corporate Branding and Design

Like with any other corporation, cannabis based businesses need their customers to recognize their brand and design. This connection to customers helps drive their purchasing decisions within the marketplace. Our job is to build a strong brand and build goodwill with your existing and potential customers to drive their purchasing power your way.

Product Packaging and Design

A prime point of interactivity between a company and its customers is in the product’s packaging. Our focus is to help you develop and design product packaging that both adheres to local regulations and is eye-catching, engaging, and attractive. Transform your ideas into compelling packaging that sells.

Digital Marketing

We provide custom services tailored to your company’s needs in order to establish a strong digital footprint and online presence. This includes website development, social media management, and digital engagement with new and potential customers. Our team of professionals will help establish and maintain your digital marketing strategies.

Go-To-Market Strategy

We design and execute go-to-market strategies for your cannabis products and services. Our focus is to help you identify and target your niche market, your customer base, and the needs of your customers. We connect you to our existing network of cannabis professionals and identify available distribution and marketing channels for your products and services.

We Provide

Kind Ambassador provides a variety of services tailored and customized to the needs of your company.


Our experienced and professional cannabis consultants can help strategically grow and expand your business to maximize its potential. Kind Ambassadors provides insights into your business and brand development, staff sourcing, licensing, operations, and optimization.


Whether for the recreational or the medical market, the development of your products is essential to your success. Kind Ambassador can help you with planning, prototyping, designing, manufacturing, and marketing your products, taking you from an idea to a marketable product.


We act as your advocate in the public arena! Maintaining a public profile is crucial to your success. Kind Ambassadors can help you stay relevant through published media, public reviews, and social media management, as well as maintaining a presence at relevant cannabis events.

Recent Projects

A short list of recent projects Kind Ambassador has had the opportunity to be a part of.

Clone Crate

Clone Crate is a direct to consumer company, providing equipment for consumers to grow their own plants.

Your Seed Company

YourSeedCompany offers collectible seeds for direct to retail, providing a wide variety of strains and a unique packaging style.

Pollen Bags

PollenBags provides a unique product for pollinating and feminizing cannabis plants.